GS1 Innovation Network launches Roadmap and Annual Report

The GS1 Innovation Network was launched in February 2015. Its mission:

  • To identify the most important business challenges and opportunities technology innovations and global trends that might be valuable and/or disruptive for industry, humanity and GS1 in the future
  • To act quickly to explore and test important topics
  • To advise GS1 and its industry on new standards, services and solutions that should be developed

This inaugural issue if the Roadmap and Annual Report includes a summary of the motivation, history, concept and plans for the Network. However, we can also be proud of initial outcomes in addition to the launch, including formation of a great Board and Community, start of Incubators on the Future of ID and Digital Coupons, and commencing the process of making GS1’s culture more innovative, with more than 450 participants sharing and brainstorming in the InZone.